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Discover the most comprehensive software platform for stakeholder managers and from now on, prioritize the stakeholders and the outcome in every phase of your project.


Get to know the most comprehensive software platform for stakeholder managers

"The stakeholders" is often one of the top 10 risks within a project. As a stakeholder manager, much is expected of you. Dialog provides the support that allows you to focus on the right things: providing added value to the stakeholders in every project phase.

From A to Z

stakeholder management

Stakeholder strategy
Stakeholder dossier
Issue dossier
Customer requirements
Implementation agreement
Communication strategy
Participation strategy
Communication calender

Bring everyone together, shape the environment together

Project environments are becoming increasingly complex, and stakeholder managers are expected to remain in control at all times, but that's not always easy. Fortunately, with a smart strategy and the right tools, you can manage the risks within your project and make decisions that everyone supports. At Dialog, we understand this like no other, and that's why we're happy to help you create an effective stakeholder, participation, and communication strategy.

Why over 800 stakeholder managers

choose Dialog

Stakeholders centred

Environmental management is a field full of processes, but it's primarily about working with people. Data is certainly important, but empathy is crucial in gaining the trust of the environment. We can help you with that by providing insights into the needs and concerns of the environment. With Dialog, you take the right steps to make your project a great success.

Complete process

Dialog provides support for that process in every phase, from A to Z. From stakeholder management to notifications, and from issues to the communication calendar. Strategic and operational processes come together and work together in Dialog.

Security and GDPR

Personal data in Dialog is secure with our Information Security Management System. We ensure that the personal data you work with is processed and managed according to the proper guidelines. This has been tested against various standards set by municipalities and water boards.

Integrations and data

Als omgevingsmanager wil je op het juiste moment de juiste data tot je beschikking hebben en weer delen met de rest van je projectteam. Door verschillende integraties wordt omgevings-management volledig opgenomen in het gehele project-informatiemanagement.

We are stakeholder managers and developers

Dialog is created by and for stakeholder managers. As a result, the learning curve for other stakeholder managers to use our platform is very short. And we promise to keep it that way. Because we continue to strive to keep it user-friendly, knowing how important that is.


But we go beyond that. We have the right knowledge and skills to continue developing and improving the platform. Whether it's adding new features or finding solutions to make your work even more efficient, we have the know-how to help you. So if you have a question or suggestion as an stakeholder manager, let us know!

Support is always close by

We are here for you


Resources en support center

At Dialog, we love hearing that our users find our platform user-friendly and recognize it in the field of environmental management. But we also want to ensure that everyone can easily get started and quickly find answers to their questions. That's why we are always available to help you with the right insights, not only about our platform but also about

"Within the software platform Dialog I immediately recognize stakeholder management processes."

"I am happy with Dialog as a platform for gaining insight into stakeholder management. This aligns with my vision for the development of the field of stakeholder management."

Katrien Geuens

Stakeholder manager, Oosterweelverbinding, Lantis

Marije Mooij

Stakeholder manager, Municipality of Amsterdam

Ready to

get started?

Curious about what Dialog can do for you or your organization? Start the free trial. For 30 days, you can try Dialog for free and see if it fits your personal work style and environment.

Included in the trial:

✔   Single user project

✔   Access to all features

✔   Access to the helpdesk

✔   Personal support

✔   Automatically ends after 1 month

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