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comprehensive platform for stakeholder managers.

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Place the stakeholders and the outcome at the center of every project phase.

"The environment" is often one of the top 10 risks within a project. That's why as a stakeholder manager, much is expected of you. Dialog provides the support that allows you to focus on the right things: providing value to the stakeholders.

What is

Insight into stakeholders

With Dialog, you always have insight into who your stakeholders are, what their issues are, and what interests and demands they have. This not only allows you to quickly analyze the situation but also helps you develop an applicable strategy for your stakeholder, participation, and communication plans. We have used the Strategic Stakeholder Management Method (SSM) as the basis for this.


Modular design

Dialog has separate modules for stakeholder management, communication, and program management. This modular design allows you to customize the application according to your personal preferences. Moreover, it can be easily integrated into any information landscape through integrations with other platforms.

Fully integrated

in your business and project landscape


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Switching without hassle

Whether you work with Excel or any other tool, our import function allows you to quickly start with your existing information.

The power of the platform

Value for the stakeholders in every phase



To truly understand the problem, conduct an analysis by identifying the stakeholders, their issues, and interests in this phase. Develop the strategy in a few steps and establish collaboration with stakeholders.



For a proper development and evaluation of different alternatives, a thorough analysis of the stakeholders is necessary. By analyzing the stakeholders, establishing or revising a strategy, and then translating it into a communication and participation strategy, you can ensure collaboration with the right stakeholders, receive valuable customer requirements, and keep stakeholders informed.



When translating the preferred alternative into a contract, a customer requirement specification (CRS) is helpful. In the CRS, you can translate all customer requirements into clear agreements with your stakeholders. The CRS is a good system to document agreements and the environmental analysis and strategy help structure the conversations with the right stakeholders.




Having effective communication flows during the implementation phase is essential to avoid unexpected surprises for stakeholders, residents, and businesses. It is also important to document complaints per address and theme and handle them in a timely manner. In this phase, Dialog helps with the communication calendar, the complaints and notifications register, and the environmental analysis and strategy.



During the management phase, you want easy access to all project history. This minimizes the time spent on peripheral matters, allowing you to have everything in one overview.

This makes Dialog the most comprehensive platform for stakeholder managers.


"Dialog helps me make the project transparent, identify the stakeholder factors that have an impact, and know them in a timely manner. This also creates support for stakeholder management within my project team."

"Dialog is a very user-friendly and organized tool that we use daily with a team of about ten people. Regular updates and prompt responses to questions are part of the service."

Jolijn Delissen 

Stakeholder manager, North Sea Port

Erik Vermeiren

Stakeholder manager, Oosterweelverbinding, Lantis

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Curious about what Dialog can do for you? Request a free trial without any obligation.

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