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Privacy and security

at Dialog


We keep your data secure

Dialog is ISO-27001 certified

Dialog biedt een infrastructuur van top klasse en een groot aantal privacy- en beveiligingsfuncties, van gebruikersmachtigingen tot single sign-on en tweestapsverificatie, en doet er zo alles aan om je stakeholdergegevens te beschermen.

What does


Brings all aspects together

Due to Dialog's modular design, it fits into every phase of your project. With our separate stakeholder, communication, and program modules, you can create your own platform. Each project has its own module needs.

Dialog do?

Dialog is the platform where you can work smarter and have all the information in one place. Store your data in Dialog and make it accessible in other systems. This way, you can share stakeholder information with your entire project team.

By stakeholder managers

For stakeholder managers

The world of stakeholder managers is changing, and we see that stakeholder management plays an increasingly important role. A project can no longer do without it. As an stakeholder manager, you often face pressure and complex issues. It's clear that the stakeholder is a crucial factor in the success of a project. Therefore, it's essential for an stakeholder manager to have control over the project. With citizens becoming more vocal, the right participation is necessary to create the right support. Unfortunately, stakeholder management is not always traceable or making the right choices. Knowledge often remains in people's heads and is not documented, resulting in new lists and Excel files being created. This can lead to a loss of overview. Fortunately, Dialog provides a solution for this.


We are stakeholder managers

We are developers

As we are constantly evolving, Dialog keeps getting better. We regularly offer new features through new releases. This ensures that our platform stays up-to-date and meets all desires and expectations. Together, we work towards a better understanding of stakeholder management.

Your data is

safe with us

At Dialog, we understand the importance of secure application usage. That's why we have developed our comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), complying not only with BIO, GDPR/AVG, and municipal GIBIT standards but also with rigorous water board standards. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us. Moreover, you retain control over the information you store in Dialog. You can use our API to reuse your data or integrate Dialog into your existing information landscape using one of our integrations.


So, don't worry and let Dialog work for you!


"Dialog helps WarmtelinQ to document everything related to our stakeholders in a clear and structured manner. For every complex project with many stakeholders, a good stakeholder management tool like Dialog is a must."

"As a stakeholder management team in the Wervengebied program, we use Dialog to ensure that the data regarding our interactions with stakeholders is securely stored, organized, and immediately accessible."

Sophie de Jong

Omgevingsmanager, WarmtelinQ

Christel Somers

Omgevingsmanager, Municipality Utrecht

Get to know

the Dialog team

The Dialog team may be small, but it allows us to be agile and accessible. With individuals possessing diverse expertise, we elevate Dialog to a higher level. Marcel Hoogsteder is our Product Owner and the driving force behind the idea of Dialog. Rutger den Hartog is responsible for engaging with interested parties, clients, and users. Wilbert den Boer ensures smooth operations in the back office. Corné Thomassen acts as the glue between the pieces, excelling in strategic matters and asking questions that others may overlook. Together, we make sure that every aspect is taken into consideration.

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