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Customer Stories - Project Oosterweel Link Antwerp

"How Dialog is being used in one of the largest infrastructure projects in Belgium, the first project for Dialog outside the Netherlands."


The Oosterweel Link is a large-scale mobility and livability project that closes the Antwerp Ring through the construction of tunnels. The project ensures a safer highway network and more livable village centers on the Left Bank and in Zwijndrecht. On the Right Bank, it involves the construction of a new Schelde Tunnel, a new entrance and exit complex at the former village of Oosterweel, and two tunnel connections between this new interchange and the R1. What's new for Dialog is that during the implementation, the contracting party, Lantis, remains responsible for the entire stakeholder management and project communication.

The Challenge

Collaborating in a team of approximately 10 stakeholder managers and deputies in a complex and fascinating project is already a challenge in itself. However, maintaining an understanding of everything happening in the various phases of the project in a densely populated environment is even more complex. It not only poses challenges within the stakeholder team and requires tools but becomes even more complex when data needs to be shared with colleagues outside the team.

The Solution

By fully utilizing Dialog, Lantis has found the desired user-friendly and pragmatic platform for the project. The stakeholder management module addresses the strategic aspects of the work, including the construction and management of stakeholders, issues, and customer requirement files. The program module helps gain and maintain insight at various project levels, such as the Left and Right Bank, different tunnels, and construction phases.

A special requirement from Lantis is that they work with a customer contact center for inquiries, comments, and complaints from the surrounding area. When customer service representatives don't have answers to certain questions, they can push them into Dialog, and digital collaboration takes place to provide a response within the specified time. For this purpose, the integration of Dialog and Freshdesk has been developed.

The Result

The result is a digital collaboration among the entire stakeholder team, and the complaints from the surrounding area are handled efficiently and practically. Digitization makes this process traceable in both operational and strategic processes and document management.

How Lantis Achieved It

Starting with the need for support in their stakeholder management through a "user-friendly and pragmatic tool," Erik Vermeiren and his colleagues conducted research and invited Dialog to give an initial presentation. Besides user-friendliness and pragmatism, important requirements were:

  • Insight into and documentation of stakeholder files

  • Positioning of stakeholders and their level of interests

  • Issue management and issue file creation

  • Complaint processes and handling

  • Integrations with ArcGis, Relatics, and Freshdesk

Based on this presentation and the subsequent tendering process, Dialog emerged as the solution that met, or could meet, all the requirements and needs.

After the contract was awarded, Rutger started working hard to provide on-site and online support for the implementation, and a specific plan was developed for training the new users. Multiple training sessions were scheduled in various formats. Practical questions and tips that emerged from these sessions were incorporated into a major user release that Dialog rolled out in April 2023.


Dialog is considered a suitable tool for the desired stakeholder management insights within the team while also facilitating information sharing outside the team. Thanks to the support at the beginning, the team has become increasingly self-reliant in using the platform. And if any questions or needs arise, Dialog provides quick service and a helping hand when needed.

Special Development Requests

  • Integration with Freshdesk (customer contact center tool)

  • Project-specific requirements regarding the access to ArcGis layers

  • Various user requests from the work sessions

Lantis' Dialog Tip

"In the software platform Dialog, you will immediately recognize the field of Stakleholder Management." Katrien Geuens - Stakeholder Manager Oosterweel Link, Right Bank.


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