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Project story - Reconstruction N468

Major maintenance is being prepared for the N468 by the South Holland Province and the Delfland Water Authority. Dialog and are bringing together a lot of valuable information in this project.


In the 7.7 km reconstruction of the N468 in the South Holland Province, it's not just about replacing the road structure; the stability of the embankment on which the same road lies is also being enhanced. This makes it a combined and integrated project.

The Challenge

A longstanding issue has been the reconstruction of N4

68, which was initially planned for 2019. However, numerous setbacks and rising material prices have consistently caused delays. Moreover, within the scope of this project, the focus isn't solely on the road; it also encompasses an unstable (peat) embankment, along with significant maintenance work on cables and pipelines. Marcel Floor was tasked with the role of an environmental manager to properly manage all influences (source: Provincie Zuid-Holland)

and maintain an overview.

Marcel wanted information related to stakeholders and issues to be integrated into the overall project information management. For this purpose, Marcel preferred working with

The Solution

With the implementation of Dialog, Marcel Floor was able to aggregate all information for multiple clients in a single environment for environmental management. Dialog's features ensure, as he puts it, that he can "sleep well." With Dialog, he doesn't just maintain oversight himself; he can also confidently pass Dialog on to the execution phase's environmental manager during the transition.

Dialog facilitated the inclusion of stakeholder and issue information in, consolidating all project information in one place. This also makes the work of the various research agencies easier, as they can effectively utilize this project-specific information.

(source: Provincie Zuid-Holland)

The Result

The result is that the project is finally moving into the execution phase around the end of 2023 or early 2024. Throughout the process, Marcel maintained oversight and prioritized correctly. The most crucial environmental management information is included in the digital handover dossier, including the tender dossier. This has streamlined efficiency for both Marcel and the execution phase's environmental manager.

How Marcel Achieved it

Marcel has been a fan of Dialog and tools for a long time. By communicating his needs to both parties, it's now possible to integrate them. As an independent environmental manager, Marcel often brings this tooling along and introduces new clients to Dialog.


The project is entering its final phase, and as an experienced user, Marcel is adept at navigating and effectively utilizing the platform. Marcel stands as one of Dialog's most self-sufficient users.

Special Development Questions

Integration of Dialog and

Marcel's Dialog Tip

A significant amount of time is lost in collecting, updating, and gaining insights into contact information per parcel. Through integration in and Dialog, this information is also visually presented geographically, always accessible—a major time-saving feature that keeps data up to date!"


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