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Modernise Stakeholder management with Dialog's new Outlook and WhatsApp integrations

In a world where communication is key to success, we at Dialog continue to strive for innovative solutions that simplify and strengthen interactions with stakeholders and the environment. We will soon introduce our latest integrations with Outlook email and WhatsApp, specifically designed to support stakeholder managers in their daily activities.

The Power of Integration

The integration of Dialog with Outlook and WhatsApp opens new doors for effective stakeholder management. By bringing these tools together, managers can communicate from one central location, without having to switch between different applications. This means a streamlined workflow, allowing you more time for what really counts – building and maintaining valuable relationships.

Seamless Communication

Stakeholder managers understand that tracking every conversation is essential to gain insights into the needs and expectations of each stakeholder. With our Outlook integration, emails are directly logged in Dialog, making important conversations and appointments easy to trace and manage. This provides a complete view of all interactions.

Real-time Engagement

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication tools worldwide. Through this integration, stakeholder and environmental managers can respond immediately and in real-time, which is essential in a rapidly changing business environment. This platform makes it easier to provide quick and direct feedback, thereby increasing stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Efficiency and Productivity

Combining email and instant messaging in one interface reduces the time spent searching for information and managing communication channels. This leads to higher productivity and enables users to act faster and more effectively. Additionally, the integration helps prioritize communications, so responses can be made quickly to the most critical issues.

Coming Soon

At Dialog, we are committed to delivering powerful tools that not only improve your workflow but also make a real difference in how you communicate with your key stakeholders and environment. Whether it's tracking complex projects or simply improving daily interactions, our latest integrations are here to support you in every aspect of stakeholder management.

Switch today to the new way of working with Dialog. Discover how our integrations with Outlook and WhatsApp can modernize stakeholder and environmental management.

How Does Dialog Help?

Dialog is the most complete software platform for environmental managers that will assist you in sharing information and making it available to the entire team. This ensures everyone knows what to expect.

This is also useful when the environmental manager role changes hands. Currently, all the information often remains in the mind of the environmental manager and is thus lost during such a change. With Dialog, you prevent this by centrally storing all information.

Dialog also makes all stakeholders around a project visible. Partners, municipalities, citizens, and entrepreneurs: all their issues, interests, and requirements are clearly maintained in Dialog. This not only allows you to quickly analyze but also to develop an applicable strategy for your stakeholder, participation, and communication plan.

Free Trial

Are you curious about what Dialog can do for you? Then request a free trial.

Included in the trial:

✔   Single user project

✔   Access to all features

✔   Access to the helpdesk

✔   Personal support

✔   Automatically stops after 1 month


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